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What is i101 Chicago? And why does 101.1 FM keep changing format? Ok, so most of you know I'm not shy when it comes to ranting about the state of Chicago radio. It's because it sucks. You know, like why Chicago has only one half-decent alternative rock station, but 2 shitty classic rock stations. Or why Q101 got canned for talk radio. Or why … [Read more...]

97.9 The Loop admits failure, puts Chicago’s Q101 back on the air for one night

Q101 logo

A Chicago rock radio station returns to the radio airwaves for one night only.  What is this I’m reading? Q101 is coming back? You mean, Chicago, the 3rd largest city in the country, is going to have a contemporary rock station? What the hell is this? I was just starting to enjoy being in the several million-strong demographic of 15-40 … [Read more...]

To 97.9 The Loop Chicago radio: Stop sucking ass


An open letter to 97.9 The Loop Chicago's Classic Rock station, Our city already has a shitty classic rock station, its 97.1 "The Drive". We don't need two. Chicago radio is terrible, but whether I dig it or not, there's pretty much only two rock radio stations in Chicago. And whether I dig it or not, I occasionally tune in, because lets … [Read more...]


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