The Choose Your Own Adventure Post- Chicago Weekend

Remember those awesome books that dog-eared their way though every half-decent elementary school in the country? *Turn to page 43 if you choose to go into the spooky dungeon. Turn to page 51 if you choose to fight the monster.* These books were addictingly awesome and are the reason I was stuck at a 4th grade reading level until middle school.

90's childhood books

These books. Were awesome.

This post is pretty self explanatory (spoiler alert: there are no spooky dungeons, but there is an evening at one of Chicago’s most haunted bars in the mix).

1.) So it’s mid-summer.

You already got beer spilled on your new shoes at a street fest, and you already got your annual record-breaking sunburn from your 4th of July BBQ. You’re probably just now molting a scorched exoskeletonurl-8. You break a sweat easily in this humidity and heat been taking cold showers twice every morning and change your shirt during the day to hide the humidity-induced pit stains that accumulate instantly. Any weekend activities will include some high-quality A/C.

Nailed it, keep me indoors this weekend.


logan-square-picture-banner 2.) You’re the exact opposite.

You’ve been counting down the days until this weather and have been shaping your beach-body since January. Indoor stuff is reserved for rainy days… and January. Sunburn, mosquito bites, and a thin layer of sand covers your skin from June-August. Keep it coming.

Get me outside this weekend.



  1. Brilliant! We were just talking about those books last week while on vacation!

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