North Coast Organics: A Rant and a Rave on “All Natural Deodorants”

Chicago: The City of Big Shoulders probably has some pretty big armpits right? That’s where local, Logan Square startup, North Coast Organics comes in.

They make handmade, organic, vegan deodorant for stinky people in Chicago.

North Coast Organics local chicagoBelow is a rant and a rave on “all natural deodorants” and North Coast Organics. My review is of the “Revolver” scent because it seemed the more manly pick of the selection, plus what doesn’t scream Chicago like a pair of guns on the label?

The Rant

I’m always down for buying local, especially when it comes to body odor products. Because, after all, it’s all you kind people in Chicago that are the one’s putting up with my post-workout stench. Yea it’s pretty bad… My BO can reach up to 4 neighborhoods at once (depending on the wind direction). And it doesn’t help that I’m using one of those “all natural” deodorants left over from my Costa Rica trip.
Tom’s Deodorant, I think it’s called? Terrible choice. The thing goes on like a glue stick and reeks like a fermented dive bar urinal cake. It’s time to switch it up. But before I go back to the traditional American concoction of deodorized Sulfates, Phthalates, Ethylene Oxide and other stuff you probably shouldn’t handle without gloves, let alone smother on your armpits, I’ll try one more “natural deodrant”- North Coast Organics.

all natural organic deodorant

photo: North Coast Organics on Facebook

The Rave

Even just looking at the packaging, North Coast Organics have a catchy thing going on,  am I right? They have 2 different scents: Death By Lavender and Revolver. I’m going to guess that the purple one with flowers is for chicks, and the one with the guns is for dudes.
I gotta say this though, the Death By Lavender scent smelled awesome, very strong and sweet. Revolver is more subtle, and it took every ounce of testosterone to prevent me from walking out with a lavender-scented deodorant.

Both scents are Organic, Vegan, and Handmade. The container is BPA-free and the product labels are printed on 100% recycled paper. Though I’d advise against it, the stuff is so natural you can probably bite off a chunk of it and be totally fine the next day, which is something you probably can’t say about Axe or any other deodorant.

organic lavender deodorant

photo via

The Test

So Tom’s “all natural” semi-lemon scented deodorant doesn’t make the cut, how did North Coast Organics go? As I said before, the “Revolver” scent is subtle, so I was afraid it wouldn’t mask my musk. However, I gotta say it lives up. And I love the smell. It’s got kind of a sappy-pine-tree-coconut smell, but not in the way of your cab driver’s air freshener. It smells more like I just spent all day bird-watching in the Rockies rather than throwing weights in a smoggy gym off Milwaukee Ave.


  1. so glad i read this. I gave up on natural deodorants a few years ago because I’ve tried so many and the just didn’t work. There was one that worked which Toms of Maine made many years ago but it had a small amount of aluminum and then it got discontinued. So hard to find a natural deodorant that works.

    • chicagoranter says:

      Thanks for the comment Zoe! And I’d have to say this one’s even better than Tom’s of Maine, which is back on the market, but didnt pass my “gym test.” Plus, in North Coast Organics theres only like 5 ingredients (none of which are alumnium) and im beyond pleased with it so far!

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