On the Chicago Public Schools closings: Rants you should read

I was under a rock, what’s up with these school closings?

Last year we had the 2012 Chicago teacher’s strike and now we have this one. I can’t say I’m too attached to this issue, given that I don’t have any kids and I graduated elementary school over a decade ago with flying colors, literally (I was never good with finger-painting). I haven’t been following it too closely, but it’s a hot topic. If you’re in the same boat and want a quick rundown of what’s in the news, check out the links below.

For starters, stop by Diane Ravitch’s Blog and read the press release from the Chicago Teachers Union stating that the larger class sizes would hinder education. It cites that 13% of schools are on the chopping block, but other sources claim it could be as high as 27% of schools.

Waiting for the Day of Judgment From Mayor Emanuel – Ben Joravsky

Are these public school closings part of a larger scheme to privatize education city-wide? Ben Joravsky writes, “Officials from the United Neighborhood Organization, one of the largest charter operators in Chicago, quietly work the back rooms of the General Assembly to get legislators to give them roughly $35 million to build new schools even as Mayor Emanuel insists there aren’t enough children in Chicago to fill the schools we already have….. It’s only a matter of time before CPS gets out of the business of educating their children. It’s almost as if that were the plan all along.”

Closing Schools-The Hunger Games, Chicago Style – Ben Joravsky

Another good one by Joravsky from last month.

Dear Chicago Tribune, I’m not sure Barbara Byrd Bennett is listening. Will you? -ChicagoNow

This article is a solid rant, slamming the Tribune’s coverage of the issue. “You’re so ridiculously anti-teacher and anti-CPS school, you sound like you’re on Rahm’s payroll…Really, Chicago Tribune, I know you have it in you to honestly examine this situation, to begin broadcasting something closer to the truth than mayoral soundbites. Why don’t you?”

Q&A on Chicago Public Schools Closing Plans – Eric Zorn

“Former education blogger Seth Lavin posed 10 questions to  Chicago Public Schools officials about the school closing plan” and included in the article are the responses.

Even the Trib questions the “underutilization” nonsense – Fred Klonsky

Another look at the Tribune’s coverage from a retired public school teacher.

West Humboldt community: Leave our schools alone – Karee Magee

Most of the school closings seem to be in minority neighborhoods, here’s a blog from one of the communities.

Are there any good ones you think I missed? I’ll keep the links coming as the story progresses, so stay tuned.


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