North Coast Organics: A Rant and a Rave on “All Natural Deodorants”

Chicago: The City of Big Shoulders probably has some pretty big armpits right? That’s where local, Logan Square startup, North Coast Organics comes in. They make handmade, organic, vegan deodorant for stinky people in Chicago. Below is a rant and a rave on "all natural deodorants" and North Coast Organics. My review is of the "Revolver" scent … [Read more...]

Said the Whale coming to Chicago @ the Metro 3/23

Said the Whale indie band photobooth

Other than the weather, the only other thing Chicago has in common with Canada, is a good taste in music. It seems like Said the Whale is like a Canadian version of Mumford & Sons: they're a relatively new band that came out of nowhere, won a bunch of awards, and are playing soon in a town near you. Currently, Said the Whale is touring in … [Read more...]

Winter Pictures from Edgewater

lighthouse winter snow Edgewater

Snow covered pictures from the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago These photos are from a few weekends ago as I count down the days until beach weather. And I have to admit, I tried walking on the ice by the lighthouse. My shoes almost got soaked. … [Read more...]

Haunted Spots in Chicago: Bucktown Pub

poltergeist bar

The first of several blog posts about haunted bars in Chicago, the ghosts, the story, and the rant. The bar: Bucktown Pub at 1658 W Cortland St.  Chicago The hauntings: Candles flying off shelves, beer bottles spinning in place, paper towel machine mysteriously spinning, and just an overall feeling of someone watching you. "A lot of it … [Read more...]

Sustainable Company Spotlight: WRD Environmental

Lincoln Park Zoo new boardwalk

Incorporating sustainability in architecture and landscape in Chicago Rahm Emanuel wants Chicago to be the greenest and most sustainable city in the world,"I am committed to fostering opportunities for Chicagoans to make sustainability a part of their lives and their experience in the city." WRD Environmental is making the most of … [Read more...]

On the Chicago Public Schools closings: Rants you should read

Chicago public school protest

I was under a rock, what's up with these school closings? Last year we had the 2012 Chicago teacher's strike and now we have this one. I can't say I'm too attached to this issue, given that I don't have any kids and I graduated elementary school over a decade ago with flying colors, literally (I was never good with finger-painting). I haven't … [Read more...]

Chicago Artist of the Month: Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon artist

Artist of the month? Say what now? Yep. It’s a new thing we’re starting up here. Every month Chicago Rants will feature one of this city’s many fine and underappreciated artists. In these features, there will be a good mix of some transplants, some locals, some painters, some sculptors- you name it, and I’ll be covering it at the top of … [Read more...]

Snowstorm Pictures From Logan Square

snowman in a Chicago park

Here's some pictures from around Logan Square during the snowstorm March 5, 2013. It was coming down hard so the camera didn't stay out for long.       … [Read more...]


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