If Chicago Was Built In Star Wars

I had some good fun messing around with photoshop for my last post: What Would Chicago Look Like If Lake Michigan Dried Up? So I thought I’d doctor some more Chicago photos and create some original “Star Wars photoshops”

Star Wars photoshop Chicago hoth

most epic snowball fight?

The Battle of Hoth in Lincoln Park AKA “Most epic snowball fight ever”

Chicago winter photoshop

Chicagoans can handle snow, but can we handle the AT-ATs?

Cloud City Chicago

chicago skyline photoshop


Life in the Suburbs

Star Wars photoshop picture

Luke stranded in the suburbs

Wampa encounter 101: No sudden movements

Star Wars photoshop wampa hoth

Play dead or climb into the nearest Tauntaun

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  1. I am totally printing this Chicago + Planet Hoth and hanging it up in my work cube!

  2. I dunno about those AT-AT’s they’ll just get booted and towed. :)

  3. This is Chiraq!

    Not shopped.

    Murder Capital, IL.


  1. […] I photoshopped some scenes from Hoth into real life to see how it would turn out. I think it looks pretty good. The last one's my favorite haha If Chicago Was Built In Star Wars […]

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