The Handsomest Man in Chicago

So this book caught my eye the other day at the one of the branches of the Chicago Public Library: A Wild Kind of Boldness: The Chicago History Reader and it seemed pretty fascinating so I managed to check it out despite my $1.44 in late fees. Upon flipping through it I caught a picture along with a caption that noted this dude, Madore Beaubien, as “the handsomest man in Chicago:”

Madore Beaubien Chicago history

The hottest dude in Chicago 

Clearly, that title was awarded several decades ago, probably closer to a century, but that’s not to say the statement is void. We judge handsomeness by different standards nowadays. For example, he likely wouldn’t have made Chicago Mag’s “50 Most Beautiful Chicagoans” No, this dude Beaubien is on a whole different level. He was old-school-handsome. Like, married-to-his-cousin-old-school. He traded beaver pelts, survived the Fort Dearborn Massacre, and helped to trick the Indians into stealing their land to form the city otherwise known as Chicago. He represents that classic ‘Chicago handsome’ look that was lost at the turn of the century. Wearing a bow-tie was cool back then, and not in that retro-hipster way, it was just cool.

Anyway, the book is pretty interesting. More findings will be posted and shared at my discretion.

Do you know of any weird Chicago history?


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