Top 10 Best Chicago Blogs: 2013 Edition

I know nobody’s been waiting, but finally, here it is. The best blogs in Chicago 2013.

Blogs are like dandelions. They start with an idea planted into cyberspace. They grow with ideas, and flourish into a not-so-beautiful flower. And then they die. And their seeds float away and become lost in the wind… And since we are in the Windy City, you better bet there’s dead blogs around here. I did my best to sort through the weed field and bring you the best Chicago blogs I could find.

Okay, that opening sucked. I apologize. Now without further analogies, I give you the best blogs in Chicago:

(don’t forget to check out last year’s list: Chicago Rants’ top 10 blogs in 2012)

  1.  Chicago Rants –
    Chicago Rants blog post

    Well, who did you think was going to get the #1 spot? Don’t you remember last year?

  2. Chicago: A Daily Photoblog –
    Chicago Photography blog

    This is one of my favorite blogs. The title says it all. Nothing more and nothing less than “Chicago: A Daily Photo Blog.” It’s simple. It’s great.

  3. Designslinger –
    Architecture blog Chicago

    I envy this blog. It’s a very informative architecture blog that manages to perfectly capture a city that has such a rich architectural history. Each post comes with a thorough background and detailed pictures of each building. It’s one of the best blogs I’ve come across. What are you still doing on this page? Go get cultured.

  4. The Roaming GastroGnome –

    Food blog header

    I still hold this as one of the best food and restaurant blogs in the city. To be honest though, I’ve never made one of the dishes featured on the blog, but I still read it anyway. That’s a good blog right there (but the pictures help too). One of my goals this year is to cook up one of these recipes. Even if I botch the hell out of it, there are some drink recipes up there. And if I botch the hell outta those, at least I can catch a buzz.

  5. Windy City Rock –
    Music blog title

    I don’t know most of the bands covered in the blog and most of them aren’t really my style, but that’s why I dig it. Broaden your perspective and support the local music scene. There are dozens of Chicago music blogs, but I picked this one for the “best of” list because it’s thorough. There are several writers, it’s frequently updated, and it has interviews, record reviews, and a concert calendar. What more do you need?

  6. CHiEATS –

    Food blog header title Here’s another solid Chicago food blog. I like the ones that include a mix of restaurant reviews and recommendations as well as home recipes. Because who in their right mind dines out 7 days a week?

  7. Style Plus Curves –

    Fashion blog logo Fashion and style are definitely not my forte, but I decided to throw a fashion blogger on the list this year for a good mix. Going into its 3rd year of consistent blogging (which bloggers would agree, is a solid accomplishment), Style Plus Curves offers some contemporary fashion with a Chicago twist.

  8. The (Semi-Regular) Roaming Lama –

    Photography blog header This guy is doing life right: Living in Chicago and exploring the world. Luckily, he posts pretty cool pictures of his travels on his blog, and when he’s home you can expect some pretty great pictures of Chicago as well.

  9. South Loop Dog Poop –

    chicago-dog-poop This blog is about dog poop. I love this one. It’s pure gold. I should have put it as #2 on my list (hahaha, get it?). However, I’m not entirely sure in what context to take it in. On one hand, this is a blog about a community that is generally upset by its irresponsible dog owners. And on the other hand, I can’t take it seriously because there’s crafty little puns after a picture of dog poop. “Some party-goer alighting their car will be stepping in that poo tonight for sure.”

  10. The Top Sheet –

    Webzine logo Okay, so this one’s more of a webzine than a blog, but it still deserves a mention. It’s great because you get a mix of national headlines and local news off the blog network. I’ve even seen it in print a few times around the city. Very cool.


  1. Thanks for the shout out man – Business travel in all its glory (with a little leisure travel mixed in)!

  2. Hi there. The next time you create a Chicago blog list, please add my community site, Shorty: Your Chicago South Side resource at It’s under construction right now but it will be up and running by the end of the week.


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