More Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field tickets to be made available?

Welp, Pearl Jam’s Chicago show sold out in record time. One day later, the tickets are now $200-$3,000…

Pearl Jam live Wrigley Field 2013

photos by: Egan O’Keefe from

Usually, you can find me at Reggies Rock Club or some other hole-in-the wall joint for my live music fix. The smaller gigs are just more enjoyable for me (and my wallet). But of all the over-hyped and over-priced Chicago concerts, Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field would have been a cool one to go to. Initially, tickets were $50-100, but now you’re lucky if you can find them for under $200.

If you still want tickets, you have 2 pretty terrible options:

1.) You can do one of the Wrigley Rooftop deals. You won’t be able to see the stage, but the $69 will get you close enough to hear the concert and includes a hosted bar with food.

2.) You can pay out the nose for a pair of nosebleed tickets from second-hand sellers.

I’m going to be honest, both options suck. You might as well try your luck camping out at a nearby Wrigleyville bar that has some outdoor seating and see what you can hear. But if you want to give option #2 a shot, below is a link with a code for 10% off Pearl Jam Wrigley Field tickets. (I got a Lollapalooza ticket from Ticketspot last year and the coupon worked and it shipped quickly).
Code: PAT05

You MIGHT have a shot at some last-minute additional tickets if you keep your eyes on the headlines. After all, the Bruce Springsteen concert released a handful of tickets just prior to the show last year. “The tickets were made available because additional sightlines were expanded after the stage was built.” I wouldn’t bank on it, but there’s some hope.
Also, I think it’s possible for a second date to be added, Paul McCartney played a 2-day set there.

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