If Chicago Was Built In Star Wars

Star Wars photoshop Chicago hoth

I had some good fun messing around with photoshop for my last post: What Would Chicago Look Like If Lake Michigan Dried Up? So I thought I'd doctor some more Chicago photos and create some original "Star Wars photoshops" The Battle of Hoth in Lincoln Park AKA "Most epic snowball fight ever" Cloud City Chicago Life in the Suburbs Wampa … [Read more...]

Photos: What Would Chicago Look Like if Lake Michigan Dried Up?

Lake Michigan dried up low water levels

The water level in Lake Michigan is at an all-time low. This shouldn’t be surprising news to anyone who was around for Chicago’s recent snow-less winters, extended summer heat spells, and other global warming-based factors. But what would happen if it hits zero and the lake disappears completely? First off, it would be bad news if the lake … [Read more...]

The Handsomest Man in Chicago

Madore Beaubien Chicago history

So this book caught my eye the other day at the one of the branches of the Chicago Public Library: A Wild Kind of Boldness: The Chicago History Reader and it seemed pretty fascinating so I managed to check it out despite my $1.44 in late fees. Upon flipping through it I caught a picture along with a caption that noted this dude, Madore Beaubien, … [Read more...]

Lollapalooza 2013 Lineup Leak: Is It Real Or Fake?

lollapalooza leak banner

The authenticity behind the picture is questionable, but the bands are predictable. It still blows my mind how Lollapalooza sells out every year before the lineup is even announced. If I had bought a 3 day pass, I would have been pissed at this "leaked" lineup. If there is anything worth seeing to me, I'll snag an overpriced day pass on one of the … [Read more...]

The Greenest Buildings in Chicago: Chicago Green Tech

On their website, the building is cited as “the first rehabilitated municipal building in the nation to receive the LEED Platinum rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.” It’s an impressive accomplishment, and an extreme understatement to all the efforts that went into transforming the land. A piece of coal was turned into a … [Read more...]

The Lowest Temperature Ever Recorded in Chicago

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Chicago was January 25, 1985 where the mercury plummeted to a shocking 27 degrees below zero. Factor in the wind chill on that day and you got -83°F. This got me wondering, so I looked up some other numbers to put it in perspective: The coldest temperature ever recorded in Illinois was measured in … [Read more...]

The Slowest Automobile Race in History: The Chicago Times-Herald Race

benz car race chicago 1895

Okay, I’m not sure if it was the slowest, but the Times-Herald Race was definitely the first car race in the United States. The Chicago Times-Herald Race took place in Chicago in 1895, about 2 years after the first automobile was built. The initial route was to be from Chicago to Milwaukee, but the cars couldn't handle the poor conditions of the … [Read more...]

Top 10 Best Chicago Blogs: 2013 Edition

chicago blog awards

I know nobody's been waiting, but finally, here it is. The best blogs in Chicago 2013. Blogs are like dandelions. They start with an idea planted into cyberspace. They grow with ideas, and flourish into a not-so-beautiful flower. And then they die. And their seeds float away and become lost in the wind... And since we are in the Windy City, you … [Read more...]


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