Neighborhood spotlight: GreenChoice Bank

Those who are environmentally-conscious can take many steps to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, but to take the phrase "vote with your dollar" in a more literal sense, there is a bank where you can do just that. Recently, I had a chance to talk with George Caraballo, Vice President and Branch Manager at GreenChoice Bank. GreenChoice Bank is … [Read more...]

“Pets with benefits:” Raising chickens, pigeons, and bees in urban areas

I never really knew how ‘carrier pigeons’ worked. I had always hoped it worked like the owls in the Harry Potter books… You know, you could tie a little note to a pigeon’s foot, tell it where to go, and your message would get delivered, avian style. However, carrier pigeons (also known as homing pigeons) can only go in one direction: … [Read more...]


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