PETA hates live poultry stores: the funniest yelp review ever

Killing chickens is as bad as murdering children, the funniest yelp review I’ve ever seen.

As grim as it may seem to buy a live animal for meat, to me, it ultimately seems more healthy and humane to see where your food actually comes from. I decided to try out a live poultry store for the first time last week. Ciales Poultry had birds that looked very healthy and the people that worked there gave great service and managed a clean shop. I have no problem with eating this fresh, healthy, unprocessed meat.
However, some people on Yelp do not find these poultry stores as humane, and compared killing a chicken to murdering small children, leading to one of the funniest yelp reviews ever seen:

funny yelp review Chicago

one of the more funny yelp reviews

live poultry ciales chicago

Ciales live poultry

Maybe I’ve seen a few too many “the government is poisoning your food” Netflix documentaries, but I’ve changed my eating habits for the better… and for the more interesting. For one, Farmer’s Markets offer some of the best food and people-watching spots in the city. And secondly, buying your chicken dinner from a live poultry store is infinitely times more entertaining than picking out some processed, packaged meat from Jewel. The yelp reviews are also pretty entertaining.

There’s several places around Chicago where you can buy a fresh, live chicken. Check out the list on Yelp.





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  1. Damn this is intense though. I have no problem with it either because I really like meat. As Ari Gold said “Man protein. Like from the flesh of slaughtered animals.” Did you really buy a live chicken tho?! lol

  2. chicagoranter says:

    haha! yea dude, picked him out myself. They cut and cleaned it in 10 minutes. All naturally raised, no steroids, no hormones, etc.

  3. Awesome!

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