Warm winter or frigid blizzard for Chicago winter 2013? Place your bets here

Winner gets a free T-Shirt

It’s hard to ignore the fall breeze that’s coming in, but what can we expect for the Chicago winter 2012-2013?

Football season started so everyone’s got on their gambling hats. Let’s place some bets on the weather for Chicago 2012-2013 winter. Anybody want to get a pool goin on this one? How many inches of snow will Chicago get?
Winner will get a free Chicago Rants T-Shirt. One person per number. First come, first serve. Comment below with your prediction and email.

2011 brought Chicago a massive blizzard. And 2012 gave us one of the warmest winters on record. From “snowpocalypse” to “springpocalypse,” we get the extremes. But what sort of ‘pocalypse’ is this winter going to give the Midwest?

The Farmers’ Almanac calls for “an average amount of winter precipitation,” but some sources say we can be getting “above average snowfall.” But that doesn’t really say much. That’s like saying, “Chicago will get anywhere from a below average winter to an above average winter, with a chance of a blizzard.” I’m sure we can do better than the weatherman on this one.

Take a look at the Chicago snowfall records in the past 10 years:

2002-2003     28.6”
2003-2004     24.8”
2004-2005     39.4”
2005-2006     26.0”
2006-2007     35.6”
2007-2008     60.3”
2008-2009     52.7”
2009-2010     54.2”
2010-2011      57.9”
2011-2012      19.8”

 Anyway, comment below with your prediction and email. One person per number, let’s say 0-100 inches (the record is 89.7 in 1978-79), throw in a decimal if you’re feelin’ extra lucky. Winner gets a free Chicago Rants T-shirt and the opportunity to shovel my walkway next winter.



  1. Hmmm… we went from buried alive to dry. Following the pattern inherent, I vote for buried alive arctic hell winter!

  2. Jesse Rodriquez says:

    From the signs on the High and low, I predict that If one year is very low, then next year will have it’s own benefit of its snow year and last years left over( or things that hasn’t come) from last year! Also with the fact that it is getting cold very early! It is most to be a little bit over 45. I predict that there will be a Blizzard this year and the snow would go from 54.6-59.2!

  3. i pick a modest and average 39 inches …. just because it didn’t snow last year dosent mean we will get a huge snow totals this season… we might be over the average but im not betting on huge blizzards the kind we saw 2 years ago .. but it will snow … who knows this is CHICAGO … might be 60s all winter long and not snow at all

    • chicagoranter says:

      Solid guess Pete. I’d be down for 60s all winter or another giant blizzard. Anything in between is too boring for Chicago weather

  4. chicagoranter says:

    I haven’t forgot about this! so far we’re at 19.6 i believe. Anyone want to change their numbers? haha :) closest one wins a Chicago Rants Tshirt when I print em!

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