Chicago White Sox: as cursed as the Cubs?

The ‘Curse of the Black Sox’ Lives On.

Chicago White Sox "Black Sox Scandal"The “Curse of the Black Sox” is getting ready to rear its ugly head. This year’s White Sox team has been on the receiving end of quite a few good breaks. But between the poor play against the Baltimore Orioles and the recent injury bug, the “Curse of the Black Sox” is going to keep the Sox from achieving their ultimate goal once again.

Let’s start off with a bit of history, shall we?

The curse started in 1919, well before the Cubs’ “Curse of the Billy Goat,” when the Comiskey’s refused to pay their players a decent wage. This ultimately lead to the players taking bribes and throwing the 1919 World Series, known as the Black Sox Scandal. Since then, the Sox have been plagued by close calls and what could have been. For example, the 1994 White Sox had one of the most potent lineups in baseball but were robbed of the chance to compete for the World Series by the player’s strike.

This year’s team has shown the ability to rebound from losing streaks and beat teams that you wouldn’t expect—the sweep of the Yankees was especially surprising. But now, just when you expect them to go on a run into the playoffs, they’re fluttering. Poor timing or curse? You be the judge.

Chicago White Sox players scandal old picture

The 8 1919 White Sox players involved in the “Black Sox Scandal”

Hell, not only is their number one starter, John Danks, on the shelf for the rest of the year but he’s also getting sued. By a friend, no less! Combine that with the fact that Chris Sale is now entering Kerry Wood territory as a hard throwing, promising pitcher who leaves fans worried about his long-term health. And just what do Sox fans expect when it’s the playoffs, they’re trailing with two outs and two on with Alex Rios strolling to the plate? Surely they’re not expecting him to be Mr. Clutch.

This team has been fun while it lasted, but just when you think they’re about to break the curse they fall back into the pack of close calls. What’s that? The Sox won the World Series and broke the curse in 2005? Oh, guess it’s Chicago’s other baseball team that will never win anything.

By guest ranter: Rob Winn
Twitter @Winn19

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