PETA hates live poultry stores: the funniest yelp review ever

Killing chickens is as bad as murdering children, the funniest yelp review I've ever seen. As grim as it may seem to buy a live animal for meat, to me, it ultimately seems more healthy and humane to see where your food actually comes from. I decided to try out a live poultry store for the first time last week. Ciales Poultry had birds that … [Read more...]

7 great articles about the Chicago Teachers Union strike

Chicago Teachers CTU strike 2012

Normally, this is where you'd see my rant about whatever is going on in Chicago this week, (CTU strike anyone?) but it's been a long week and I'm behind on my news so I'm not touching that one with a 10-foot pole. There's too much going on with the strike for me to even begin to catch up at this point. I'm a bit surprised it's gone into a third … [Read more...]

Warm winter or frigid blizzard for Chicago winter 2013? Place your bets here

Winner gets a free T-Shirt It's hard to ignore the fall breeze that's coming in, but what can we expect for the Chicago winter 2012-2013? Football season started so everyone's got on their gambling hats. Let's place some bets on the weather for Chicago 2012-2013 winter. Anybody want to get a pool goin on this one? How many inches of snow will … [Read more...]

The big problem with cell phone tickets in Chicago

The rant on cell phone while driving tickets in Chicago. The city of Chicago passed a law in 2005 to help stop the noxious distraction of mobile devices. With threat of a $100 ticket, the ordinance should keep the roads a bit safer and of course, generate some revenue for the cash-strapped city. The problem? Nobody's F#@&ing enforcing … [Read more...]

Chicago White Sox: as cursed as the Cubs?

The ‘Curse of the Black Sox’ Lives On. The “Curse of the Black Sox” is getting ready to rear its ugly head. This year’s White Sox team has been on the receiving end of quite a few good breaks. But between the poor play against the Baltimore Orioles and the recent injury bug, the “Curse of the Black Sox” is going to keep the Sox from … [Read more...]


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