The Chicago Rants Lollapalooza review: Black Sabbath

I was there on Friday. But only for Black Sabbath. I got there just in time for their set. Got all the way to the front. Rocked out. And left.

Yeah, I was that asshole spilling everyones beer as I cut in, pushed, and elbowed my way up to the front. I’m usually not ‘that guy’. But no way in hell was I going to stand behind a bunch of frat boys wondering when they were going to play “Crazy Train.” It’s fine if you want to chill, smoke a joint, have a beer and hear the music, but don’t act all shocked when an actual fan cuts in front of you. New Chicago Rule: fans of the band are entitled to cut in front of anyone that was: A.) wearing sunglasses in the dark or B.) had an ‘ironic’ mustache, or C.) Both of the above. Like, seriously. The whole crowd was not really a “music” crowd, it was more just a “festival” crowd. But hey, Lollapalooza ain’t what it used to be, which is why I didn’t go for the whole thing.

Black Sabbath Lollapalooza 2012The Review:

Okay, I have to admit I was a bit nervous dropping almost $200 for a pair of tickets for a band that’s pretty much on it’s last leg. Tony Iommi is still recovering from cancer, they booted their original drummer, and Ozzy is gettin way up there in age, like he doesn’t throw buckets of water on the crowd anymore (which would have been awesome cuz it was like 100 degrees). Also, I was less than impressed with the youtube footage of Black Sabbath playing Download Festival earlier this year. I’ll admit Ozzy’s voice has good days and bad days. And since they only play every few years, you better damn sure hope you catch him on a good day. But hey, its Black Sabbath. Can’t miss that.

The good news is that I got my money’s worth and then some. Not only did I bypass 1,000 hipsters and land a great spot right in the front. But Sabbath’s setlist was awesome. Like, really, really awesome. I’ve seen ’em twice before, but they didn’t play “Under the Sun,” “Behind the Wall of Sleep,” or “Dirty Women.”

The sound was great. Leave it to a multi-million dollar festival to hook it up with a quality sound system. I’d argue it sounded much better than if Sabbath played Tinley Park or Alpine Valley. For those who say otherwise, you were standing too far back. From up front, it was DVD-quality stuff.
See for yourself and check out some clips below, snagged from
“Black Sabbath” live at Lollapalooza 2012.

“The Wizard” live at Lollapalooza 2012.

“NIB” live at Lollapalooza 2012.

“War Pigs” live at Lollapalooza 2012.

“Iron Man” live at Lollapalozoa 2012.

“Children of the Grave” live at Lollapalooza 2012.

“Paranoid” live at Lollapalooza 2012.

And here’s a couple clips I shot myself. The first one is of all the 17-year-old, “I-play-on-my-high-school-football-team” meat head wannabes having a bro-tastic time to “Dirty Women.”

Here’s how close I was for the rest of the show despite my late arrival. If it wasn’t for the barrier I probably could have high-fived Ozzy. Take that you hipsters who stood there all day for that spot!

As for Saturday, I didn’t care for many of the bands. But it was cool seeing that storm roll through.

And here’s a few good shots of the storm from a highrise near Irving and Lake Shore thanks to @a_WildFlower

Lollapalooza storm 2012

Pictures of the storm moving in on Grant Park for Lollapalooza 2012

Anyway, this is the last of my obligatory Lollapalooza posts. Your regular Chicago Rants programming will resume on Monday.


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