Why having Asian Carp in Lake Michigan could be fun as hell

A new study is showing that “Asian Carp are likely to invade Lake Michigan” in the next 20 years.

Asian Carp Lake Michigan barrier mapQuick history lesson: The Asian Carp is a highly invasive species introduced to the U.S. in 1970s, because, well, thats just how we do it in America.
Damage control over prevention.
And we are terrible at damage control, but hey, it gives the suits in Springfield something to spend our tax dollars on…
To the right is a map of the damage control, that marks the somewhat-functioning electric barrier in Lockport, IL.

But its not all bad news. Despite the likelihood of a collapsed ecosystem and a destroyed $7 billion dollar fishing industry (because apparently there are still some native species left in the Great Lakes), having Asian Carp in the chain might actually be boatloads of fun. Dare I say, it could bring new life into fishing on the Great Lakes according to a video I stumbled across.
Asian Carp have been known to jump several feet out of the water when motor boats pass by, sometimes injuring fisherman, boaters, and water-skiers. However, with the right gear, it brings fishing to a whole new level.

Will the Asian Carp destroy the Great Lakes ecosystem? Maybe. Will they destroy the fishing industry? Plausible. This looks like a multi-billion dollar industry on the horizon if you ask me…
Update: The guys in the video actually rent out the boat for anyone who wants to go bowfishing on some airborne Asian Carp, find them at Peoria Carp Hunters.
Asian carp lake michigan

An image of the invasive Asian Carp via – www.sanduskyregister.com



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