Illinois voters guide Vol. 1 5th Congressional District

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Illinois voters guide 5th congressional district: Mike Quigley vs. Dan Schmitt

Up and comer, grassroots-type of guy Dan Schmitt takes on Democratic incumbent Mike Quigley in the November elections for the 5th congressional district of Illinois. Fan of Quigley or not, he’s going to win by a landslide if people actually decide to vote. Turnout in the 5th district primaries was expectedly low, possibly because of the death of P Diddy’s MTV “Vote or Die” campaign, maybe because the “occupy movement” is failing, but likely because people are just lazy and uninformed.

In trying to get informed myself, I stumbled upon an interesting candidate, the aforementioned Dan Schmitt. At first, he sounds like a decent candidate: a self-employed, joe-the-plumber type dude like many people out there. But then I realized, that he’s just as ignorant and misinformed as the “many people out there” I’m talking about. Here’s some samples of “Dan talking politics:”

“OBAMACARE IS EVIL. If you allow the government to control your healthcare you are giving up liberty…”
Ummm… no dude, Obamacare is not evil. Darth Vader is evil. Obamacare and the Affordable Healthcare Act are just pieces of legislation that you may or may not agree with. And as a politician running for office, I would hope that your opinion stretches a bit further beyond “Obamacare is evil” and its affiliation with the light or dark side of The Force.

“Marriage Is one man and one woman. All statistics will show that the best situation for any children is a father and a mother. No matter where a person’s position in life may be, no matter how poor or rich, their lives will be better if they marry someone of the opposite sex“- Dan Schmitt
Fist of all, can someone please point out to Mr. Schmitt that there are countless studies showing that same-sex parents raise “well-adjusted kids,” also school him in that this isn’t the 50’s anymore and Americans have never been more tolerant on this issue than any other time in history? Lastly, please inform Mr. Schmitt that the 5th congressional district for which he is running, encompasses all of Boystown. I think he’s accidently running for office in the wrong district, city, and state.

Thanks, Dan Schmitt, for providing my entertainment for the afternoon. Who says politics has to be boring?


  1. There’s a third candidate in the race. Green Party candidate, Nancy Wade. She’s providing progressive solutions for to create jobs, protect our environment, and institute a truly universal healthcare system!

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