Heads up! Chicago’s Goose Island 312 is brewed in New York

Goose Island Chicago brewery

Ok maybe I'm the last to know, but 312 isn't brewed in Chicago anymore... Okay, consider this a much belated "What the F#@* Chicago!?" But this hasn't really occurred to me until I was having on a 312 before a concert at Reggie's Rock Club. They have 'em on special for $3 on Friday nights, and that's not too bad for a Friday, so why not? But … [Read more...]

3 things to love and hate about the “Millennium Park Bean”

The location Chicagoans gotta love the location of this thing, and here's why. It concentrates all the summer tourists into one easily-avoidable spot. It's an isolated haven for all of the out-of-towners. I can imagine most visitors see little else of the city as they center their travels around the Loop. They'll spend a day in Millennium Park … [Read more...]

Ok. I give up. What the hell is a Belly Card?

what is bellycard

Belly Card. I've heard about it. I downloaded the app. I've shopped at places that have it. But I've never done it. And they're all over Chicago. It sounds like a good idea, right? A platform that rewards customer loyalty with credits and awards through digital check-ins. Ever see an iPad next to the cash register at a local store? That's Belly … [Read more...]

Where can I look at some Lobsters around here? A Dirk’s Fish review

lobster tank

Hidden gem, hole in the wall, seafood in Chicago that's actually fresh Dirk's Seafood & Gourmet Food. A new Chicago hidden gem, or pearl!... get it? ...you know? because pearls come from oysters? And Dirk's sells seafo-... You know what, nevermind. That was terrible. I apologize. I do stand by calling it "hidden gem Chicago" though because … [Read more...]

Why having Asian Carp in Lake Michigan could be fun as hell

A new study is showing that "Asian Carp are likely to invade Lake Michigan" in the next 20 years. Quick history lesson: The Asian Carp is a highly invasive species introduced to the U.S. in 1970s, because, well, thats just how we do it in America. Damage control over prevention. And we are terrible at damage control, but hey, it gives the suits … [Read more...]

Squirrels look funny during heat waves…

squirrel meme

What do animals do during heat waves? Its common sense to keep your pets cool during heat waves, but what can we do for the squirrels! They looked pretty miserable during Chicago's heat wave last week. But they also looked pretty funny. I took a picture of one because rarely can you ever get this close to a squirrel (except for the ones that have … [Read more...]

Illinois voters guide Vol. 1 5th Congressional District

Illinois voters guide 5th congressional district: Mike Quigley vs. Dan Schmitt Up and comer, grassroots-type of guy Dan Schmitt takes on Democratic incumbent Mike Quigley in the November elections for the 5th congressional district of Illinois. Fan of Quigley or not, he's going to win by a landslide if people actually decide to vote. Turnout in … [Read more...]


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