Pictures of Rahm Emanuel riding roller coasters

This weekend, Rahm Emanuel and I went to Six Flags. It was a blast. Hope everyone else is having a good weekend. Here’s some pictures of Rahm Emanuel riding roller coasters.

rahm emanuel roller coaster

Rahm Emanuel riding Raging Bull for the first time. We got to cut in line. Fun stuff.

VIP front row on every rollercoaster. What a baller.

American Eagle was just a bit too much for him

He loved this ride. I forgot what it was called. But this one and the spinning teacups were his favorites


rahm emanuel and barack obama eating cotton candy at six flags

President Obama came through for a bit too, we had some cotton candy and went on a few more rides. Good times. Fun day. Definitely going back for Fright Fest in the fall.



  1. Great stuff…still laughing.

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