What is the record hottest day for Chicago?

What is the highest temperature Chicago ever had? While the streets and alleys are buzzing with the obnoxious hum of air conditioners, my window A/C is pulling a 'little engine that could' and is also working overtime to combat the heat, but its really just keeping my room lukewarm at best. It seems like this week has to be some kind of … [Read more...]

Pictures of Rahm Emanuel holding snakes and alligators

Happy friday! Man, did me and Rahm have a fun week vacation in the Australian outback! It was good to spend some quality time with our mayor, just having a few beers, fishing, and alligator trapping like we used to in the good ol' days. He actually is a good guy once you get to know him! A while back, I posted about how Rahm … [Read more...]

Chicago street fest time! Do you have to pay the suggested donation?

Technically, no, you don't have to pay the "suggested donation, but it's not like you're 'sticking it to the man' by cheaping out on the 5 bucks. So the festival site says a "suggested donation" huh? Sounds like a free entry rather than an entry fee. Which it is. Despite whatever the bitter, blow-hard of a volunteer ticket-taker tells you, it is … [Read more...]

Pictures of Rahm Emanuel riding roller coasters

This weekend, Rahm Emanuel and I went to Six Flags. It was a blast. Hope everyone else is having a good weekend. Here's some pictures of Rahm Emanuel riding roller coasters.   President Obama came through for a bit too, we had some cotton candy and went on a few more rides. Good times. Fun day. Definitely going back … [Read more...]


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