Navigating Chicago Union Station during NATO

So I planned a nice little getaway from Chicago for the whole NATO weekend, but unfortunately my escape route involves catching a Megabus near Union Station in the loop.

Occupy Chicago protestorI’m catching a Megabus from the loop to Indianapolis and back during the Summit. Hopefully all goes smooth. But from the news reports, it sounds as if I’ll be seeing at least some of the collateral of the big event.

Security in the loop is expected to be tight. Like, trying to bring to bring an 8oz+ bottle of shampoo through O’Hare tight. There will be cops, Secret Service, and bomb-sniffing dogs crawling all over the place. There are also limits on what you can carry on a Metra train, “During the three days of the summit, all Metra riders will be allowed to carry only one bag and it cannot exceed 15 inches square and 4 inches deep. Riders will not be able to carry boxes, parcels, luggage, backpacks and bicycles. And liquid and food will be prohibited on all trains.” This is a bummer, since normally Metra trains are pretty chill and even allow you to bring alcohol on board your trip (except during certain festivals… and when Obama and friends come to town).

Anyway, I gotta catch the bus at 7am, so I’m hoping I’m in the clear. Although it seems as if the weekend festivities have already started up as 8 protesters have already been arrested in the area and there’s reports of a car on fire at Wilson and Sheridan according to Uptown Update, not sure if that is affiliated with the protests though.

Either way, should be interesting. Stay tuned.

Also, here’s a video of a possible practice surveillance drone filmed in Elgin, IL from not too long ago. Keep an eye out for these hovering around in Chicago and hit me up if you spot one:

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