CTA to rename 11 stops to advertisers?

Addison redline Chicago

 CTA to rename 11 stops as soon as this year It's no secret that the CTA is just a giant money pit for the city. Between the overdue station renovations and its cost of running, the transit system doesn't generate any profit for the city, and really doesn't come close to breaking even at the end of the year. From fare hikes to station closures, … [Read more...]

Where to buy sold out Lollapalooza tickets

Lollapalooza sold out, Friday, Saturday, Sunday passes. Which site is credible to buy day passes? So Lollapalooza sold out earlier than I anticipated. As of now, the Lollapalooza website only has Sunday passes available. The Friday, Saturday, and 3-day passes are long gone. So I'm guessing I shouldn't have held off on buying that extra ticket. … [Read more...]

Is the Chicago International Blog Awards a scam?

The 2nd annual Chicago International Blog Awards on August 23, 2012 is rapidly approaching and Chicago couldn't care any less. While it sounds like a legitimate event for bloggers in the Chicago area to earn some recognition, I think the whole thing really just looks like a scam, therefore, I would like to respectfully decline any involvement in … [Read more...]

Navigating Chicago Union Station during NATO

So I planned a nice little getaway from Chicago for the whole NATO weekend, but unfortunately my escape route involves catching a Megabus near Union Station in the loop. I'm catching a Megabus from the loop to Indianapolis and back during the Summit. Hopefully all goes smooth. But from the news reports, it sounds as if I'll be seeing at least some … [Read more...]

Mazon Creek fossil hunting in Braidwood, IL

Mazon creek fossil concretions

Fossil Hunting in Braidwood, Illinois famous Mazon Creek Area Once in a while, its nice to get out of the city for some decent fishing on a nice day and Braidwood State Fish and Wildlife Area is a solid escape. My trip to the area and Braidwood lake yielded some good weather, decent fishing, hiking, and a few fossils. Some background: The … [Read more...]

Well, my CTA U-Pass expires today… here’s a picture to show what that’s like

NOOOOOOoooooo! It's that time of year for college students. No more school. No more finals. Time to go out and enjoy the summer... but without the free train rides that most universities offer full time students, as most all of the CTA U passes expire within the next few weeks. Time to dust off your bike or start buying 7 day or 30 day CTA passes … [Read more...]

New Alternative Rock radio station in Chicago: 87.7 fm

Merlin Media, the company that bought and canned Q101, is bringing two new radio stations to the airwaves this week. And it's not Q101. Its Q 87.7 fm and they're calling it "Chicago's Underground Alternative." Spinning tracks from Rage Against The Machine, The Shins, White Stripes, The Black Keyes, and Smashing Pumpkins, it sounds promising. … [Read more...]

Chicago Summer Survival Guide: Drinking on the Beach

Is it legal to sneak a few beers on the beach in Chicago? Well, technically, dinking alcohol on the beach counts as drinking in public. But shouldn’t we bend the rules for the sake of enjoying a cold one on the beach? Sure, there's dozens of places by the lakefront to grab a legal beer, but nothin beats a home-packed cooler. Here's some … [Read more...]


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