Is the Redeye making Chicago dumber? A visual analysis

Has the Chicago Redeye gotten worse?

I mean, I know the Tribune Company has gone downhill in the past decade but does the Chicago Redeye just have to suck that bad? I used to enjoy reading the Redeye, but now I just skim it and only look forward to doing the sudoku puzzles in the back while I sit on the train. However, I only do the puzzles if they are 3 stars. The Redeye’s 1 and 2 star sudoku puzzles are too easy. And the 4 and 5 star ones are too hard. Usually, when it’s three stars, I can get halfway done in the duration of my train ride and simply assume that I would be able to finish the rest given an adequate amount of time. The rest of the Chicago Redeye is mostly a waste of paper… but you can fold it over a few times and use it as a makeshift surface to write on for the sudoku and crossword puzzles.

Below are pictures of my interpretation of a recent issue of the Redeye… I know it’s a bit exaggerated, but I mean, c’mon guys, step it up a bit.




The Redeye: An inside look


























































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