So when do Lollapalooza single day passes go on sale? I only want to see Sabbath

Black Sabbath at Lollapalooza

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Lollapalooza single one day pass. Where, when, and how much.

I only want a single one day pass to see Black Sabbath. Right now, the only tickets available are 3 day passes for a ball-busting $230. Apparently single day passes will go on sale later in the summer, but at no specific date or price. If I remember right from last year, they usually wait until they sell out a decent amount of 3 day passes to ensure capacity and then release the one day passes to everyone that doesn’t want to shell out two bills for a concert. I think last year they were $90 per day. So stay posted on that.

Anyway, heres the rant- unless you’ve been living under a rock that is not wi-fi enabled and gets bad reception for your smartphone, you’ve seen the full 2012 Lollapalooza lineup. Really, I’m not Wicker-Park-hipster enough to know most of those bands, but from the ones I do recognized, I am somewhat pleased that it is a bit more rock-oriented this year. Don’t get me wrong, Lollapalooza has lost its roots a long time ago, but at least there’s some decent alt rock this year. And of course, the one and only, Black Sabbath playing their one and only U.S. show.
I’m not thrilled about it… Lollapalooza just is not the right place for Sabbath, especially for their only U.S. show. Black Sabbath could and should be on their own headlining tour for 2012. I really don’t want to see them play on a bill with a band called ‘Dr. Dog’ (any Sabbath fans out there know who or what Dr. Dog is? anyone?)… and I really don’t want to see Black Sabbath in a crowd that most knows them for “that band that played theme song for the movie Iron Man.” It’s going to be terrible, but I will probably go anyway, as soon as I can get my hands on a lollapalooza one day pass.

image of Toni IommiThe Black Sabbath setlist will probably not have any surprises unless they unveil one of the new songs they’ve been working on, but I am curious to know if Bill Ward will play with the group, as there’s been a bit of a dispute with the drummer’s new contract with the band. Also, will Tony Iommi perform at Lollapalooza? Apparently his cancer treatment went well and he will be performing as soon as June and hopefully he keeps well from here on out, but you never know.

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