What? 312 in a can? Here’s my 2 cents

Goose Island 312 is now in cans, good or bad?

312 beer canI’ll give it this, 312 is Goose Island’s first canned beer. It’s a bold move. While you are also still able to buy it in the seemingly-superior bottles, yes, you can now buy it in cans.

Seems like a step down to me, but hey, some people claim they can taste a difference. Redeye writer, Ernest Wilkins was one of the first to write up a review before it hit every Dominick’s and Jewel Osco from Chicago to Joliet, and here’s what he had to say: “It tastes…different. Not different like bad, mind you. I mean, it’s the 312 flavor you’ve come to know. Here’s the thing: I truly think some beers taste differently in a can vs. in a bottle or in a glass. It’s refreshing, and I can see it being drank a ton at ballgames.”

Well, I call bullshit. First of all- ballgame beer is Old Style. Period.

Secondly- Beer is beer. Whether it’s in a wide-mouth glass, pint glass, plastic cup, can, bottle, beer bong, bar spill guard, it’s still beer, and the canned 312 likely came from the same brewery as the bottled 312.

I challenge a blind taste test- 3 unlabeled pint glasses: one filled with 312 from a can, one with 312 from a bottle, and a 3rd from the tap. Can you tell the difference? (Challenge accepted?) Somebody should do this and write up on the results… But until then, lets save cans for pop, plastic bottles for water, and glass bottles for beer.

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