3 reasons not to go to Lollapalooza 2012

 The Chicago Lollapalooza 2012 rumors should say it all... The August 3-5 2012 Lollapalooza rumor lineup is looking pretty predictable. Once again, the theme of this year's Lollapalooza is "let's-book-all-of-the-biggest-mainstream-bands-to-draw-out-huge-crowds-and-charge-hundreds-of-dollars-for-tickets." Whether the rumors are true or not, I'll … [Read more...]

What? 312 in a can? Here’s my 2 cents

Goose Island 312 is now in cans, good or bad? I'll give it this, 312 is Goose Island's first canned beer. It's a bold move. While you are also still able to buy it in the seemingly-superior bottles, yes, you can now buy it in cans. Seems like a step down to me, but hey, some people claim they can taste a difference. Redeye writer, Ernest … [Read more...]

Why the Chicago Reader’s Chicago bar guide sucks

How many bars are there in Chicago? And why do the Redeye and Chicago Reader only promote the same dozen or so bars in the city? There are almost 2,000 bars within Chicago, so why do we keep reading about the same over-priced and over-crowded bars in the city? This year's Chicago Reader Bar Guide once again featured the city's typicals and … [Read more...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The Chicago River is green! and still filled with poop!

St. Patrick's Day in Chicago and the Chicago River Wooooo hooooo! its St. Patrick's Day! A hallmark holiday we can all endorse and embrace because it involves a day of binge drinking and parades! While Chicago does have deep Irish roots, most notably the rush of Irish immigrants during the immigration boom to the neighborhoods of … [Read more...]

Why the Chicago Air and Water show 2012 is going to be awesome

The Chicago Air and Water Show 2012 and the best places to watch the Chicago Air and Water show 2012, August 18, 19 2012 Now that it's starting to warm up, its time to start gearing up with some summer posts on Chicago Rants. First, we'll start with the basics, the Chicago Air and Water show 2012. It's one of the highlights of the Chicago … [Read more...]


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