Hipsters that look like historical figures

Why do hipsters grow beards that went out of style in the late 1800’s?

Here’s a few shots stolen off of look at this fucking hipster along side some pictures snagged off wikipedia.

Hipster:                                     General Robert E. Lee:

General Robert Lee

hipster beard look















 Hipster:                                          John Wilkes Booth:

hipster mustache lookJohn Wilkes Booth













Hipster:                                             Herman Melville:

Herman mellvillehipster band beard


  1. Good eye! I especially love the Herman Melville Comparison. Got it from side-profile and everything :)

  2. I love the chuckle this post gave me. Great pictures too.


  1. […] their existence beyond ketchup when mixed in a good, fresh soup. I don’t care how much I bash hippies and hipsters, they’re on the right track with this whole ‘eating fresh, local and organic’ […]

  2. […] are entitled to cut in front of anyone that was: A.) wearing sunglasses in the dark or B.) had an ‘ironic’ mustache, or C.) Both of the above. Like, seriously. The whole crowd was not really a “music” […]

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