Chicago suburbs new beach rules: NO HAVING FUN

The once free part of Gillson Beach is now considering a fee and a fence

Gilson beach suburbAccording to a recent Chicago Tribune story, Wilmette is now considering building a $100,000 fence and charging admission to one of the last lake-accessible public spaces in Illinois. Which is bullshit.

But it’s not all surprising. Gillson Beach has always been an admission-restricted residential beach in the north suburbs, as the suburbs tend to enjoy bleeding their constituents out of every penny they can get. But if you didn’t want to drop the $5 to throw a frisbee by the water, Gillson Park also had a small beach where people could lay in the sand or throw a football around, hell, you could even splash in the water for a few minutes before the lifeguard chased you out. It was great… by today’s standards at least.

But I guess the park district wants to throw restrictions on that. I’m not really sure why, since shark attacks in that area have been down for the past 10 years. I’ll just go with the ‘bleeding the suburbanites out of their money’ theory. Really, this country has been going that route for years and ‘the man’ is running out of stuff to tell us to do. It’s getting to the point that there are so many rules that there aren’t even any rules anymore: Rule #1.) No having fun. Rule #2.) There are no other rules… Hell, in Los Angeles throwing a frisbee on a beach could cost you a $1,000 fine.

Adam Carolla rantAdam Carolla went on a rant on his podcast about these bogus rules, and really, I can’t top Carolla on this one so I’ll just share his rant about beaches:

“The beach is a great little microcosm of what is going on with this country. We’re going to save everybody because God forbid some kid could get hit with a Frisbee or someone could take in third-hand smoke or some dog could run across someone’s beach towel. Yes, it is true, we’ve eliminated any possibility of somebody being concussed by a Nerf football, but we’ve also eliminated all possibility of fun. So seriously, the beach, which used to be six pack, couple of cigarettes, a Frisbee and your dog and some tunes cranked up has now gone to turn the radio down, put the cigarette out, pour the beer out in the sand, put the dog back on the leash, put the Frisbee away and here’s a $1,000 fine.

Better or worse? By the way, I know we always think in our society, hey we’re moving along man, we’re marching toward the light. Is this f–king progress to you?”

Rant on Carolla! I really can’t put it any better myself, and I can unfortunately report back to you that Chicago is going through the same thing.


  1. What!? This IS bullshit! I thought beaches were a human right! :(

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