Top 10 Best Chicago Blogs- 2012 edition

The ‘best of’ title is self-explanatory, here is a list of the 10 best blogs in Chicago according to Chicago Rants.

Given that nearly all previous blog lists I’ve found are severely dated with links to long-abandoned Chicago blogs from around the interwebs. had a decent top 20…. from 2007, which is now filled with about 17 dead links. ChicagoPhotoBlog compiled a decent top 10 of the basics, Gapers Block, Chicagoist, ChicagoNow, etc. The Chicago Tribune has a list of best blogs, but they should be more on their game. Their list is from 2008… And has a top 10 of Chicago, but it’s from 2010.
Point is, it’s time for a Best Chicago Blogs, 2012 edition.

Also, just a quick note: you won’t ever see Chicago Rants on two of the larger networks, ChicagoNow or The Chicago Blogger Network as The Chicago Blogger Network is a basically a closed club of yuppie fashion and style blogs. And ChicagoNow, a Tribune Company site, has pretty much morphed into an ad-riddled network of ‘mom blogs’ that pay out pennies compared to what some of those blogs might be worth on their own. So I’m going to try to leave those out of my list as I’m shooting for the DIY, up-and-comers in the blogosphere that you can kill some time reading and maybe even learn something.

Anyway, I’ll wrap up this quick rant and here’s my top 10 Chicago blogs and why they should be in your bookmarks.

  1. Chicago Rants-

    And the winner goes to…… Chicago Rants! Wow! Congratulations! This is the #1 Blog in Chicago! The official site/webzine/blog for your general rants and raves about Chicago, its weather, its people, the traffic and transit.
    (…yea, I’m gonna put myself in the #1 spot, yea so what? You got a problem with that? Whatever. Move along then.)

  2. CTA Tattler-

    Is it the ‘El’ or the ‘L’? Are CTA fares going to go up? What’s with all the graffiti on the train? Ok, so I know I said I was going to stay away from ChicagoNow blogs, but CTA Tattler is pretty legit and always has a good read somewhere on the home page.

  3. Windy Citizen-

    Ok, so here’s another more well-established blog with multiple contributers where you can surf the day in Chicago news with less bias than the Sun-Times or the Trib.

  4. Chicago: A Daily Photoblog-

    Here’s a well-kept and frequently updated photoblog featuring snapshots from around the city. A view of ‘a day in the life of’ a Chicagoan, most of you will probably recognize where most of these shots are taken and all of you can enjoy a new perspective.

  5. The Windy City-

    Some of Chicago’s personal blogs can be pretty good. It’s nice to read a perspective from someone who recently moved to Chicago for school or work or whatever. They tend to write about all the cool stuff that we never really do ourselves. I mean, when was the last time anyone went to Lincoln Park Zoo? Sometimes its easy to take this city for granted.

  6. The Roaming GastroGnome-

    “Food Adventures from Wrigleyville and Beyond.” Here’s a foodie blog thats not all over-pretentious about it. It’s not a blog about the best of the best of Chicago’s world-class restaurants, but you can definitely get some insight on some good dining, as well as some solid recipes.

  7. Off The Markley-

    The Redeye, which normally constitutes of a ton of soft news, a column about why getting poked on facebook is annoying, a blip about Justin Beiber’s new haircut, and a soduku puzzle, actually does have some decent online content. Blogger Stephen Markley usually has some good stuff up.

  8. Edgeville Buzz-

    “Your source for news about Chicago’s Edgewater and Andersonville neighborhoods.” Probably irrelevant if you don’t live up north or in the areas nearby, but it’s a decent neighborhood blog I like to check out once in a while.

  9. I Am Logan Square-

    Here’s another neighborhood blog, and I’ll give you fair warning, it is overly and predictably hipster. But it does feature news, restaurants, music, and artists from around Logan Square.

  10. Grid Chicago-

    To some, bikers may be a nuisance and nothing more than another hassle to driving in the city. But Grid Chicago is a pretty resourceful site for those of us that choose alternative transportation.

    11. Windy City Weekly-

    Its not exactly a blog, but rather a site that shoots you an email of customized news, sports, events, and restaurants around the city. I especially dig the “bar of the week,” “Things to do,” and “Worst place ever” around Chicago.

    12. Dijana’s Dare to Blog-

    A personal blog from a recent transplant with a fresh perspective on Chicago and city living!

Want to see your blog on the list? Link your site in the comments and I’ll throw you in!


  1. Congratulations on making 1st place ;)

    I nearly keeled over with happiness when I got down to #5. It totally made my day! And I’m glad you made this list because I’ve been having trouble finding active Chicago blogs. This certainly solves the problem.

    Happy writing!!

    • chicagoranter says:

      Haha! glad I made your day! I’ve had the same problem finding local and active Chicago blogs, so I made this list! Hopefully it gets bigger as the year goes on

  2. Thanks! Agree on the blog scene. Need more independent and current voices. Thanks for finding some!

  3. Thanks for the recognition!

  4. Yo! Thanks for this list, I’ve been looking for an updated one. So – I also wanted to throw my own in the ring. Maybe not so much a blog in the pure sense of the word, but check out It’s a weekly email newsletter all about Chicago, and we try to link to local bloggers as much as possible. Thanks man!

  5. Great sites on here! I have one too about my personal observations and navigations of city living. Some inserts on pop culture and news here and there too. I don’t expect to be number one or even top 10, but I like this idea of a collection of personal Chicago blogs. Thanks!

  6. Sure, that works:) I have been in Chicago for 5 years going on six, hopefully when it’s been 10 years I won’t be considered a recent transplant but a resident :)) Thanks for the shout out!

  7. Two things. #1The description of the Chicago blogger network is hilarious! #2 I like that you put yourself as #1 I’m a fan of this blog for sure. Truly one of the best in Chicago.

    • chicagoranter says:

      haha! good catch and thanks for reading! are you with Boomtown Rack? I’ve posted and commented there a few times, I dig it so far


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