The real rat problem in Chicago

The real rat problem in Chicago: Scary signs

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how comically horrifying Chicago’s rat signs are?

rat sign chicagoThe city of Chicago makes them out to be disease-spreading creatures from hell. Just look at those signs plastered all over every alley —>
Red eyes, sharp fangs, and razor claws, they make it look like every rat in Chicago is a rabid portal of Black Death ready to start the Bubonic Plague: Part II.

These signs are pretty badass, but it would be even more awesome if rats in Chicago actually looked like that. When I’m walking by these signs in a dark alley, I get my hopes up when I hear some rustling in a dumpster. Is this the night I have an epic duel with the giant, overly-aggressive rat from the picture?
But unfortunately, it’s not like that… Every time I see a rat, I am sorely disappointed as all I see is a ball of fur scurrying into a bush. Never has a rat growled at me with glowing red eyes. And never did I have to battle it to death to help Chicago ‘eliminate the rat problem.’

ugly ratsCan we modify these signs to a more accurate drawing of a rat? Or can we release some radioactive rats to bring some truth to these signs? Because every time I see a rat they look more like this –>
It’s very disappointing.

The other Chicago rat sign is much more comical, and possibly more realistic. “WARNING! Dog waste attracts and feeds rats.”
dog rat sign chicago




These signs are too contradictory. Are rats the aggressive, rabid creatures from hell? Or are they just little fuzzy nocturnal rodents that eat dog poop while we’re asleep?


  1. well, naturally it WOULD be dog crap, and NOT all the damn food waste people can’t seem to go out in public without leaving a trail of behind them.
    because of course, we all know, highly intelligent small rodents will be attracted to, and resort to, eating things that are already digested, and, frankly, disgusting, despite their fastidious nature, rather than all the actual food that litters the pavements.


  1. […] in Chicago, maybe even make them the unofficial mascot of the city. They would take care of our rat problem and serve as some pretty awesome entertainment in doing so. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle […]

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