Rahm Emanuel and his missing finger: a photo gallery of his famous finger

Rahm Emanuel can’t give high fives… just high four-and-a-halfs.  Rahm Emanuel lost the tip of his middle finger in a meat cutting accident at an Arby’s he worked at when he was a teenager.

It’s kinda creepy, but at least the guy can laugh it off, saying that he had to “learn to talk with his left hand.” And he obviously has learned, like has anyone else noticed the disproportionate amount of pictures where Rahm Emanuel’s missing finger is visible? It’s creepy! But like a bad trainwreck we just can’t seem to look away…

Rahm Emanuel finger missing


rahm missing finger

creepy Rahm Emanuel

Dude, these gestures don’t work when you don’t have all your fingers, Rahm Emanuel. It’s really just distracting…

rahm middle finger

emanuel finger missing cut off

AAAHHHH! NOOOO get it away! get it away! Make it stop!!! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!finger nub

nub finger rahm emanuel

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