storyboarding “The Beasts at Rainbow Beach” on yesterday’s Chicago pit bull attack

Another Chicago pit bull attack

Yesterday, a Chicago pit bull attack left a 62-year-old jogger in critical condition on the South Side. Ironically the brutal attack took place at one of Chicago’s happiest-named parks, Rainbow Beach. With a name like Rainbow Beach Park, it seems like it should be filled with rainbows and flowers, not bloodthirsty pit bulls.

The Chicago Tribune said that “a neighbor ran to Finley’s aid but could not fight off the dogs with a baseball bat.” What the hell kind of dogs are these? Seems like pack of rabid mountain lions would make a better pet than these couple of pit bulls.

Either way, it was a hot news story for the week and I’m working on a couple of movie ideas for it if anyone wants to help me storyboard. I’m thinking, “Rainbow Beach: You Can Run But You Can’t Hide” or “The Beasts at Rainbow Beach”

It would be like a rated-R version of The Sandlot. Like if the kids are all grown up and one of them decides to go for a jog. I’ll admit it won’t be the most exciting followup, but are sequels ever any good anyway?


  1. We’ll put Daley in black face and he can be the victim

    • chicagoranter says:

      yea? and Rahm as the vigilante neighbor with the baseball bat? Michael Vick as the dog owner and it’ll be a summer blockbuster for sure

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