Chicago badass of the week: John H. Kinzie

How did Chicago get its street names? Chicago badass of the week: John Kinzie It’s no secret that most of Chicago’s streets are named after historical figures, hell, almost all the streets in the Loop are named after U.S. presidents. But outside the Loop, street names make tribute to the lesser-known historical badasses of their time. Take … [Read more...]

Odd facts about snow

Facts about snow Here are some facts about snow and ice taken from the National Snow & Ice Data Center. Yes, that is a real thing, and it's more interesting than it sounds, as I've already killed half my afternoon browsing the site. But I'll save you some time and post up some of the highlights: A 'Thundersnow' is a thunderstorm with snow … [Read more...]

Illinois Senator Kirk announces opposition to PIPA, Protect IP Act

With January 18, 2012 being the designated day for a mass internet blackout, it was an appropriate day for Illinois Senator Kirk to state his opposition to PIPA or the Protect IP Act making it's way through the senate! The web was buzzing as sites like Wikipedia, Reddit, Google and more than 7,000 others 'blacked out' their site in protest of the … [Read more...]

Rahm Emanuel and his missing finger: a photo gallery of his famous finger

Rahm Emanuel can't give high fives... just high four-and-a-halfs.  Rahm Emanuel lost the tip of his middle finger in a meat cutting accident at an Arby's he worked at when he was a teenager. It's kinda creepy, but at least the guy can laugh it off, saying that he had to "learn to talk with his left hand." And he obviously has learned, like has … [Read more...]

Amazing pictures of Logan Square at night after a fresh snow

Ok so 'amazing' is subject to opinion. Next time I play amerature photographer, I'll call them 'decent pictures'. Sorry for the confusion.   … [Read more...]

Chicago winter 2012: Springpocalypse

And you thought Chicago was going to get away with it? A whole winter without snow? C'mon, be real. It has been a crazy warm spring, enough to warrant a winter/spring-themed rant as seen on I'm still waiting for the big one to roll through, but until then, read why I complained about Chicago's lack of snow this winter. … [Read more...]

storyboarding “The Beasts at Rainbow Beach” on yesterday’s Chicago pit bull attack

Another Chicago pit bull attack Yesterday, a Chicago pit bull attack left a 62-year-old jogger in critical condition on the South Side. Ironically the brutal attack took place at one of Chicago's happiest-named parks, Rainbow Beach. With a name like Rainbow Beach Park, it seems like it should be filled with rainbows and flowers, not bloodthirsty … [Read more...]

Don’t pay more: tips for joining a Chicago gym

Get the best deal on joining a gym in Chicago The first few weeks of January mean big money for most gyms. Which makes sense, as New Year’s resolutioners drop hundreds of dollars on year-long memberships that they’re never going to use. They’ll swear that this year is their year, but loose motivation before loosing any weight. Conveniently, … [Read more...]


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