97.9 The Loop admits failure, puts Chicago’s Q101 back on the air for one night

A Chicago rock radio station returns to the radio airwaves for one night only.

 What is this I’m reading? Q101 is coming back?
You mean, Chicago, the 3rd largest city in the country, is going to have a contemporary rock station?
What the hell is this?
I was just starting to enjoy being in the several million-strong demographic of 15-40 year olds that do not listen to Lady Gaga and is ignored by Chicago FM radio. Guess I’ll have to find a new hobby
for the weekend.

Confirmed by Q101.com, “you asked for it. It’s happening… Starting tonight at 9pm, Jams Van Osdol will be on 97.9 playing Q101 music.” Cut right in the middle of The Loop’s ‘90’s weekend,’ it
looks like the Randy Michaels’ shipwreck of Merlin Media is looking to change up some of their programming. Maybe there is still hope for Chicago radio even though Randy Michaels image is beyond repair.

Who is Randy Michaels? Let’s take a look at the most recent updates on Randy Michael’s Wikipedia page (which is basically just an honest and online resume):

“Under Mr. Michaels, The Tribune Co. was widely reported to have undergone a negative change in atmosphere, with instances of profanity from executives and strange memos being issued from management, as well as a controversial private poker party in the Tribune Towers. On October 23, 2010, Michaels was asked to resign as Tribune’s CEO by the board of directors.

 On October 14, 2011 Michaels was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Middletown, OH.”

This is obviously this is not his year, but I’m still happy to kick him while he’s down. Like I’ll share some recent news articles about him: “Randy Michaels tries to clean up image” or “Randy Michaels kills Q101,”

Randy Michaels mugshot

Also here’s Randy Michaels mugshot from his recent DUI –>

Anyway, I’ll lay off the Randy Michaels bashing for a bit and get back to the point… Chicago has only 2 rock stations and they both suck. 97.1 and 97.9 Chicago radio stations are just terrible. You can read the colorful rant from earlier this week here. And a lot of you have also expressed your like-mindedness and we have been heard, and answered by The Loop with a surprise “90’s weekend” followed by a night of airing Q101. For the first time in months, Chicago can hear Rise Against, Sublime, and Foo Fighters on the radio. Because, yes, people still listen to that music.

Let’s keep this going.  Because how awesome is it to hear Soundgarden on the radio again? And Smashing Pumpkins? They’re FROM Chicago and haven’t been played on the radio in months…
But I digress, how do we keep this going?
Send ‘em a message

I’m not asking you to go all Occupy Wall St. and write to your congressman over in D.C. over some bill that may or may not get passed and may or may not affect you (though you probably should start doing that if you’re not already). All I ask is that you send an email to the 97.9 station.
We can have an affect.
Hell, we have had an affect! Just look at what’s playing on 97.9 right now.

We did it. We have their attention. Now let’s follow through.

Send The Loop an email: The Loop email
Hit up 97.9 on twitter: @979TheLoop
and facebook: The Loop Facebook
…and let them know how you dig the new music, as well as how much you don’t listen to 101.1 talk radio.

“This is a test. Does Chicago want Q101, or Thin Lizzy.”

Now’s our chance. Be heard, or suffer through another decade of a radio-less Chicago.

Send the email- The Loop email
Subject: Bring back Q101
Message: Good to hear alternative rock back on Chicago FM radio, keep it goin, bring back Q101.

There. Its all typed out for you. All it takes is, like 5 clicks and 4 buttons and Chicago might get back an alternative rock FM station.

Sorry for the extra radio rant, we will return to our regular programming with next week’s rants on why hipsters like coffee shops so much and why the CTA always smells so septic.

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