Blagojevich prison sentence- his future prison cell

Federal correctional institution Englewood Photo:

Now that the Blagojevich scandal is starting to wrap up, its time to take a real look at the Blago sentence and his prison time, and follow up on last week’s post. Today, Blagojevich and the prosecution suggested he serve his time at The Federal Correctional Institution Englewood in Littleton, Colorado. It’s a low-security federal prison, so you know it’s the second most chill and laid-back type of prison. While it still has secured perimeters surrounded by comically tall and sharp razorblade fences, it has more of a “dormitory-style living” on the inside. Sounds chill? Maybe at first, but think about how most people go to college for 4 years and live in the dorm for a year or two, and thats plenty enough to drive them crazy. Unfortunately, Blago has to face 14 years of munchin’ on Easy Mac and arguing with his roommate over who broke the Xbox controller.





Here’s a picture of the FCI Englewood’s ‘inmate admission and orientation handbook.’ Sounds kinda college-like doesnt it? Personally, I like the font best. Comic sans can always lighten the mood… until you get to the cavity search section on page 3.




Wonder what Blagojevich’s cell is going to look like? Well, there’s probably not going to be an Xbox 360, but its also not going to be as locked-down as Alcatraz. Our best guess at what Blagojevich’s cell is going to look like in the low-security prison is roughly the same as the picture below, based on a similar federal low-security prison in Waseca, Minnesota.

A glimpse into Blagojevich's prison cell

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