Who actually went to Taste of Chicago for all 10 days anyway?

10 day Taste of Chicago festival turns into 5 day Taste of Chicago weekend event Talk of the town this week is that the Taste of Chicago has been shortened to a 5 day event and moved to the dates July 11-15 for 2012.  I’m not sure why everyone’s so salty about the news. I’m down with cutting the Taste of Chicago a bit short, because who … [Read more...]

Top 5 Chicago photos from 2011

Lake Shore Drive Chicago blizzard

Chicago 2011: The year in pictures Spent 2011 under a rock? Here's what you missed in Chicago: The Chicago 2011 blizzard, Rahm Emanuel --------------------------------------------------------------- It started with a blizzard: At a near-record-setting 20.2 inches, the Chicago 2011 blizzard was the 3rd worst in Chicago history. February 2, … [Read more...]

Chicago pictures from 2011

Chicago Montrose Harbor

Chicago pictures 2011: shots and pictures from around Chicago As I'm organizing an upcoming "Chicago 2011- the year in pictures" post, I came across some of my own shots that were half-decent enough to put on the internet for people to look at and use. They include shots of Montrose Harbor, The Chicago Field Museum, Sue at Chicago Field Museum, a … [Read more...]

Chicago parking: a rant on Chicago parking meters

Why Chicago parking has downhill since being privatized It's been years since Mayor Daley's shady deal where he privatized Chicago parking meters. I bet most of us forgot about the days when Chicago parking meters were cheaper and had the typical quarter-fed, meter-per-spot setup. And I bet most of us forgot how awesome it was. Mostly because … [Read more...]

97.9 The Loop admits failure, puts Chicago’s Q101 back on the air for one night

A Chicago rock radio station returns to the radio airwaves for one night only.  What is this I’m reading? Q101 is coming back? You mean, Chicago, the 3rd largest city in the country, is going to have a contemporary rock station? What the hell is this? I was just starting to enjoy being in the several million-strong demographic of 15-40 … [Read more...]

Blagojevich prison sentence- his future prison cell

Now that the Blagojevich scandal is starting to wrap up, its time to take a real look at the Blago sentence and his prison time, and follow up on last week's post. Today, Blagojevich and the prosecution suggested he serve his time at The Federal Correctional Institution Englewood in Littleton, Colorado. It's a low-security federal prison, so you … [Read more...]

Free things to do in Chicago in the winter

The Garfield Park Conservatory When it comes to free things to do in Chicago in the summer, the list goes on and on. However, the  free Chicago winter events are MIA, and its up to you to make your own outings. In this first winter-themed, DIY, things-to-do post, I'll send you to the Garfield Park Conservatory. It's free, it's warm, it's tropical … [Read more...]

The Blagojevich sentencing: why we should not be celebrating

The Blagojevich sentencing and why it makes Chicago look bad Think about it. After the Blagojevich sentencing, Illinois now has had four different governors behind bars, two of them consecutively and simultaneously, I might add (well, technically Blagojevich's sentence is expected to start next year, but you see what I'm saying). This is not a … [Read more...]


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