Pic: what is going on in the loop? Lots of sirens


Firetruck parade … [Read more...]

To do this weekend in Chicago: italian ice, outside dining, live music


The rain is moving out and this weekend might be the first with some consistent summer weather, so get your summer bucket-list started with these three essential stops. No Chicago summer is complete without going to Mario's Italian Lemonade in University Village. Since 1954, their fruit-covered italian ice has been famous city-wide and essential … [Read more...]

Summer reading: Best used bookstores in Chicago


Borders is out. Barnes and Nobel is dying. And Kindles and iPads are lame. For those who want to flip through a paperback, or indulge in a hardcover this summer, here's the places you need to go: #4 Bookman's Corner Where: Lakeview (2959 N. Clark St.) Website: Bookman's Corner  This place is a literary mess! But not in a bad way. It's just … [Read more...]

What happened to the old quarters?


Here's a side-rant, not really Chicago related, or anything related, or important at all really, just something I've noticed over the past few years while stuffing quarters into washing machines and parking meters. Whats up with these new quarters? Glacier National Park? ...I guess the U.S. mint ran out of states without me noticing and moved onto … [Read more...]

Chicago street fest time already?

summer fest

Lakeview Mayfest starts this weekend... While the city has been covered in a week-long cold front and lake-effect fog, its crazy that neighborhoods are setting up for the summer street festivals already. Its halfway through May and we have (at best) mid-50's highs and 10 ft. visibility, which is why the early neighborhood fests have spotty … [Read more...]

3 Reasons why Chicago is better than Miami

Miami weather

#3 The weather and the Heat             I’ll open this list with a stab at the Heat, the team and the city’s unbearable year-round humidity (it cools down a bit during hurricane season though). Miami gets so hot that Al Gore proclaimed it exempt from global warming. Chicago can get hot, but we only have to tolerate it 3 months out … [Read more...]

Cool picture of lightning by the lake


Lightning shot from tonight over Hollywood Beach on the NorthsideApocalyptic lightning shot from the first summer storm! Taken on a Nikon SLR. The trick to lightning pictures is patience. I must have taken 100 pictures of an empty sky to get this one shot. Tip: use a high shutter speed and a low aperture. This one was taken at f/6.3 and a 6 second … [Read more...]

President Obama announces his own death: Fox News error

This is why you shouldn't watch Fox news... … [Read more...]


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