To do this weekend in Chicago: italian ice, outside dining, live music

The rain is moving out and this weekend might be the first with some consistent summer weather, so get your summer bucket-list started with these three essential stops. No Chicago summer is complete without going to Mario's Italian Lemonade in University Village. Since 1954, their fruit-covered italian ice has been famous city-wide and essential … [Read more...]

Summer reading: Best used bookstores in Chicago

Borders is out. Barnes and Nobel is dying. And Kindles and iPads are lame. For those who want to flip through a paperback, or indulge in a hardcover this summer, here's the places you need to go: #4 Bookman's Corner Where: Lakeview (2959 N. Clark St.) Website: Bookman's Corner  This place is a literary mess! But not in a bad way. It's just … [Read more...]

Chicago street fest time already?

Lakeview Mayfest starts this weekend... While the city has been covered in a week-long cold front and lake-effect fog, its crazy that neighborhoods are setting up for the summer street festivals already. Its halfway through May and we have (at best) mid-50's highs and 10 ft. visibility, which is why the early neighborhood fests have spotty … [Read more...]

Cool picture of lightning by the lake

Lightning shot from tonight over Hollywood Beach on the NorthsideApocalyptic lightning shot from the first summer storm! Taken on a Nikon SLR. The trick to lightning pictures is patience. I must have taken 100 pictures of an empty sky to get this one shot. Tip: use a high shutter speed and a low aperture. This one was taken at f/6.3 and a 6 second … [Read more...]


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