BYOB vs. GTFO restaurants

Chicago has the best food. We’ve mastered the deep-dish pizza, and our hot dogs are awesome. Our italian beef is the best, and summertime sidewalk dining is a favorite pastime. Also, Chicago has hundreds of BYOB restaurants to get a drink on at. The only thing Chicago hasn’t really got 100% are the take-out Chinese restaurants. While the food is decent, the restaurants themselves have more of a GTFO-vibe to em…

chinese restaurant

Other cities like New York have it down good, fine Chinese dining with well-lit, table-clothed restaurants. While Chicago does have some classy chinese joints down by Chinatown, most everywhere else is going to be a very unwelcoming, GTF-Outta here takeout place.
Below is an example of Chicago’s standard GTFO Chinese restaurant on the north side. As you can see by the lack of decorations, seating, and staff, customers are clearly not welcome here… to stay at least.

It doesn’t mean that the food is bad… it just means they don’t want you to eat it here.


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