Another coyote rescue

Every few months we get reports of wild coyotes turning up all around Chicago, stuck in fences, hiding under cars, or that one that got stranded on an iceberg in Lake Michigan last winter. The news stories are never really that exciting, I’d rather read about a string of violent coyote attacks around the city, but I guess the media’s been doing a good job with keeping those on the DL.
Anyway, its been a few months since the iceberg fiasco and with the recent warmer weather, we were overdue for another video of a coyote getting its paw stuck in an empty pop can or something.

Here’s a clip from earlier in the week of one getting stuck on a bridge:

Apparently some of these coyotes are tagged and tracked by researchers as part of an urban wildlife study, which is kinda cool, but it’s all fun and games until someone looses a finger… or their cat.

hit the link if you want to read and learn stuff about coyotes-
Or you can just watch another video of a coyote terrorizing the streets.


  1. I’ve seen these all over the place. Beautiful animals, but they very rarely attack humans unless they’re threatened.

  2. Haven’t seen one yet. Better wait til the next full moon. Or I’ll eat at Quiznos more often

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