New CTA cars make for crowded commuters

The CTA has been testing new trains on the brown and purple lines for the past year and recently expanded their routes to the red line. So far, the new trains are off to a slow debut, but I’ve ridden them enough to warrant a rant and a rave. The Rant First off, the biggest hype around these new train cars is that they fit about 30 more … [Read more...]

Another coyote rescue

Every few months we get reports of wild coyotes turning up all around Chicago, stuck in fences, hiding under cars, or that one that got stranded on an iceberg in Lake Michigan last winter. The news stories are never really that exciting, I'd rather read about a string of violent coyote attacks around the city, but I guess the media's been doing a … [Read more...]

The Chicago Code fails to meet substandard expectations

Well, we’ve made it halfway through the first season of The Chicago Code, and maybe it’s just people’s hometown pride, but I’ve been hearing a lot of hype about how good the show is. So I decided to get in on it after reading and hearing all the raves, but after catching up on seven episodes, all I could come up with was a rant. For an … [Read more...]


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