Montrose Harbor Fishing Report 2/28/2015


Montrose Harbor Fishing Report February 28, 2015= Nothing. Despite record-breaking ice coverage on Lake Michigan these past 2 years, the lakefront of my neighborhood on the far north side still has plenty of open water. The photo below is actually from December (I didn't catch anything on that day), but other than a few icebergs it didn't look … [Read more...]

The VERY Quick Blog Post on the 2015 Chicago Mayoral Election

photo: John J. Kim, Chicago Tribune

Heads up! This is a lazy one guys. It's an important post, but one I'm not going to dedicate a lot of time. Just go out and vote. Because your vote might actually count in this one. Millennial votes are at an all time low. Early voting has had a slow turnout as well. and 1 in 5 Chicagoans are unsure of who to vote for Mayor while we're less … [Read more...]

And Old Drink and a Contemporary Store

Vividbraille Chicago

I like the first part of winter. You know, the part with the Christmas lights and New Year's parties, but January-March are more what defines a Chicago winter, and makes the summer all the better when it hits. I'm crossing my fingers more and more everyday that I'll look out the window and see a bit of sun and a patch of green grass. Are we … [Read more...]

Neon Signs of Chicago

Holzkopf meat edgewater neon sign

I know most Chicagoans can be on board with me when I say that when there's a giant multi-colored neon sign out front of a bar or restaurant, you know that business is legit. If it's an old-school neon sign, you know that place has been in biz for 40+ years. And if it's a newer neon sign, you know they recently shelled out some dough to make them … [Read more...]

Worst Chicago Commute Ever

Lake Shore Drive Bus Fire

City-wide, this was the worst day to commute in Chicago. I got on my 147 bus a little late today (about 6:40am), and was smooth sailing down Lake Shore until we got gridlocked at about Belmont. I work in the loop. And it was a dead stop at Belmont. Took an hour and a half to get to work. There was an incident at about North Ave. But hey, at … [Read more...]

Vans Classic & Chicago @ Bottom Lounge 5/15/14

custom Vans shoes

This spring, Vans continued its worldwide string of events known as “Vans City and Classics.” The traveling event involves celebrating the brand’s emphasis on music and art by collaborating with local artists and bands in each city to put on a showcase of visual art and musical performances. Last year, Vans toured through cities including … [Read more...]

We’re Exaggerating too much about the Wind Chill in Chicago


If small talk about the weather were an Olympic sport, I'd say just about everyone in Chicago better head to Sochi right about now, because this week was a damn marathon. All week, I watched newscasters and radio hosts struggle to fill dead-air and show intros with a cold-weather pun that hasn't been used yet, but their extra effort went in vain. … [Read more...]

Chicago Startup of the Month: Journey Bar


I can't decide what's worse about today's nutrition bars: the names or the flavors. The names are usually uncreative and gym-themed (Super-Plex-Ultra power bar, anyone?), but most of the flavors I see on the shelves look like they'd find a better home in a Ben & Jerry's pint. Seriously, what's with nutrition bar companies and peanut butter, … [Read more...]


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